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Expat, migrant? Thinking through privilege in mobility

What does it mean to be an “expat” or a "migrant"? In this talk we will learn about the concept of privileged migration and think about the politics of migration categories and the relationship between mobility, (post)colonialism and racism.

The expatriate has been used as a social category from the late 19th century and has had a prolific career since. Holding a variety of meanings, it remains a contested term, as emphatically embraced by some as it is rejected by others. While expatriate is frequently scorned, migrant often retains the veneer of a technical category, used self-evidently in academic, political, and public debates as if we all knew and agreed who migrants were.

Join us to hear about and engage with Dr Sarah Kunz’s research on privileged migration and the relationship between mobility, (post)colonialism and racism. This will be a chance to discuss migration categories and how privilege and mobility interact in public debate and people's everyday lives.

The event will be chaired by Dr Lioba Hirsch, Research Fellow at LSHTM, and there will be a chance for questions and answers during the session.



Dr Sarah Kunz is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies at the University of Bristol. Her research sits at the intersection of human geography and sociology with research interests including privileged migration, the politics of migration categories and citizenship, and the relationship between mobility, coloniality and racism. She is currently working on a project on ‘investment migration’ with a focus on the Citizenship Industry, the corporate sector developing, managing and promoting citizenship-by-investment schemes aimed at the global super-rich. Dr Kunz obtained her PhD in Human Geography from UCL and studied at the LSE, University College Maastricht and the University of California, Berkeley. 


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