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Equity, participation, sex and dialogue

Professor Cicely Marston discusses sexual and reproductive health, health equity, community participation and epistemology, and how dialogue may be the key to health for all. 

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She reflects on a career conducting interdisciplinary research that started by focusing on sexual and reproductive health and community participation in health, and then widened out to broader areas of health and health equity. She discusses the crucial role of dialogue in improving health worldwide and the ways her own research has evolved to become increasingly co-produced by and with communities, clinicians, and health advocates and considers what her findings suggest for better research - and health for all - in future. 


Professor Cicely Marston, LSHTM

Professor Cicely Marston leads the DEPTH research group which brings together scholarship centred on community participation in health. 

Her research focuses on sexual practice, contraception and abortion, and access to and experiences within healthcare services more generally, attending to the ways context (including marginalisation) influences health, health promotion and healthcare services. 

She has an overarching interest in interdisciplinarity and methodology, particularly in developing methods to investigate complex social interventions. 

Professor Cicely Marston holds an undergraduate degree in Human Sciences from Oxford University, and from LSHTM a Medical Demography MSc, and an interdisciplinary PhD and postdoc in young people's sexual practice, participatory health promotion, and sexuality education, with fieldwork in Mexico City. She spent some time at Imperial College London conducting research and running a Public Health MSc, returning to LSHTM in 2005. 

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