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Dementia Enquirers – putting people with dementia at the heart of research

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In the disability field, it is increasingly the case that people who use services, rather than professionals, have control over the research process, planning and undertaking research and interpreting the findings. In the ‘dementia world’, things have been much slower. The aim of the Dementia Enquirers programme (October 2018 – February 2023) has been to develop a new approach to research, or ‘enquiry’, that is led and controlled by people with dementia themselves.

The programme has supported people with dementia who are part of DEEP - the UK Network of Dementia Voices - to explore how knowledge is acquired and applied in a way that feels relevant to their own lives. People with dementia have been involved in identifying research priorities and, helped by small grants, in planning and undertaking 25 research projects.  This programme has given people with dementia a chance to lead and be in control, of their own research – on issues that are important to them.

Join us for a lively discussion between three experts about what Dementia Enquirers means for dementia research and wider disability research.  This will be followed by questions and discussion.


  • Prof. Tom Shakespeare, Co-director of the International Centre for Evidence in Disability at LSHTM

  • Dr. Joe Webb, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Bristol

  • Irene Donaldson, Dementia Enquirers Pioneers