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Dealing with mixed methods and individual datasets in evidence syntheses 

Tips & Tricks seminar series on Evidence Synthesis 

The Centre for Evaluation is inviting you to the fourth and final seminar of its series ‘Tips & Tricks on Evidence Synthesis’. This series includes 4 seminars held every other Wednesday from 16 June to 11 August 2021 at 12.30 - 13.45 BST. Eight systematic review experts present their work and share their experience on challenges and opportunities when embarking on complex evidence synthesis efforts. All key classic evidence synthesis ‘steps’ will be covered, from searching the literature to synthesising and presenting results. The series aims to support those who are currently involved in or willing to undertake an evidence synthesis piece of work.  

For this last seminar, we will host two speakers from the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre (EPPI-Centre), UCL Social Research Institute: 

  • Dr Mukdarut Bangpan will discuss lessons from conducting a mixed methods review on mental health and psychosocial support programmes for populations affected by humanitarian crises  
  • Dr Dylan Kneale will present a review and meta-analysis of individual participant datasets to explore inequalities in health among older LGBT people in the UK. 


Dr Mukdarut Bangpan, Associate Professor, UCL  

Dr Bangpan has been working at the EPPI-Centre since 2005. She is interested in applying intersectionality and equity lens in research and developing methodological approaches in evidence synthesis and research impact. Her recent research focuses on access to health and education for migrants, social factors influencing sexual health decisions of young women, violence against women and girls and mental health and psychological well-being of populations affected by humanitarian crises. She works with international partners building capacity in evidence synthesis with policy and academics in South Asia, South-East Asia regions. She leads the International Development module at the UCL Social Research Institute.  

Dr Dylan Kneale, Principal Research Fellow, UCL

Dr Kneale is based at the EPPI-Centre, Social Research Institute, UCL. His research involves synthesising evidence for social policy and developing methods to enhance the use of evidence in decision-making. He is interested in the development and use of theory to support and communicate research and particularly through the use of logic models. Substantively he is interested in demography and ageing and several public health topics and issues around social exclusion and sexuality. He leads a module on Ageing and Society and co-leads a module on Public Health at the UCL Social Research Institute. 

Please note that the recording only captured Dylan Kneale’s talk and the Q&A segment due to a recording error


Follow webinar link. Free and open to all. No registration required.


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