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CovidCollateral: Sex, Pregnancy, and Birth


Themes: Sexual and reproductive health (SRH - 45mins) and maternal mortality (MM - 45mins)

Around the world, we are seeing pushback on women’s rights, including on essential health services. Period poverty continues to keep girls from education, there’s an urgent need to address contraceptive needs around the world, abortion care becomes increasingly threatened, and issues related to pregnancy remain the leading cause of death among girls aged 15 to 19.

As the pandemic continues, economies decline, and humanitarian crises worsen, it’s vital that we protect fundamental rights to care. Which is where our live twitter chat comes in.

Over the course of 90-minutes, MARCH will be asking ten hard-hitting questions relating to sexual and reproductive health, maternal care, and COVID-19. By bringing these issues to the fore, we aim to spark the conversations, collaborations, and creative problem solving to prevent untold collateral damage to vulnerable populations. 


How to participate?

Follow @MARCH_LSHTM and/or #CovidCollateral during the 90-minute session. To respond to the questions in real-time on July 23, start your reply Tweet with the corresponding answer number, e.g. A3 for Q3, A4 for Q4 and use the hashtag #CovidCollateral in your tweets.


Question (posted from MARCH)

Q3 What can researchers do to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on maternal mortality? #CovidCollateral #MaternalCare

Reply would be something like:

A3 Get creative with routine data, use online approaches and #mobiletechnologies (when appropriate). The ITM Global Provider Survey is a good example of an online #survey tool. More info here: #CovidCollateral #MaternalCare

LSHTM MARCH Centre & Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp


Follow @MARCH_LSHTM and/or #CovidCollateral during the 90-minute session.