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Conflict, Displacement and Mental Health

The past decade has seen humanitarian events that are unparalleled in the magnitude of public health catastrophe. There are currently over 21 million displaced forced migrants. The effect of conflict induced displacement has a profound ramification on the mental health and well-being of those affected. This seminar aims to highlight the impact of forced migration on mental health and discuss the challenges of detecting and treating those in need of mental health support.

Session one will begin by presenting an unpublished case study on the health sector response to a humanitarian operation in Sri Lanka, followed by a presentation on mental health interventions in post-conflict populations in the region. Session two will shift the focus to mental health delivery in populations affected by more recent conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. The session will close with a panel discussion.


6:15 – 6:20 Introduction Organisers
Session 1: Conflict, displacement and health in Sri Lanka
6:21- 6:50 Health Sector Response during the Humanitarian Operation in Sri Lanka Speaker 1: Dr. Sunil De Alwis, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Heath, Sri Lanka
6:51 – 7:10 Mental Health Interventions for post-conflict populations in Sri Lanka Speaker 2: Dr. Chesmal Siriwardhana, Associate Professor, CGMH, LSHTM
Session 2: Conflict, displacement and mental health: Current global context
7:11 – 7:30 Mental health services for populations affected by conflicts in Ukraine and Syria Speaker 3: Dr. Bayard Roberts, Associate Professor, Director of ECOHOST, LSHTM
7:31 -7:45 Panel discussion & Close Chair: Dr. Karl Blanchet, Associate Professor, LSHTM


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