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Advances in the use of social contact data in models of infectious disease transmission

Social contact data are increasingly being used to improve our understanding on how close contact infectious diseases spread from person to person, and to help guide effective policies on disease prevention and control. It is - to a large extent - within this context that the TransMID project, an ERC consolidator grant, was born.

In this seminar, Prof Dr Niel Hens will first describe the TransMID project after which he will summarise the results of a systematic review of social contact surveys. He will also describe a social contact data sharing initiative and the results of the first large household-based contact survey focussing on testing the often-made random mixing assumption in households. The talk will end with Prof Hens giving an overview of more recent insights obtained from the analysis of two cross-sectional social contact surveys conducted in Flanders, Belgium in 2006 and 2011.


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