Dr Christopher Rentsch


Assistant Professor
of Epidemiology


Keppel Street
United Kingdom


I am an epidemiologist specialising in the use of electronic health records, with a focus on creating real-world evidence for the safety and effectiveness of medications.

I completed a PhD at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2018. The PhD developed and implemented a probabilistic record linkage algorithm and software to link demographic surveillance with health records to measure patterns of HIV service utilisation in Tanzania.

Alongside a PhD, I was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Quantitative Research Methods with Distinction. 

I hold an MPH in Global Epidemiology from Emory University, and a BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University.


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology


In my roles within the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Research Group at LSHTM and the Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS) at Yale University, I perform research using some of the largest clinical and genetic cohorts in the world today. I received the 2021 Emerging Leader Award and has several leadership roles within the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology.

During the coronavirus pandemic, my research has focused on investigating potential pharmacotherapies for prevention and treatment of COVID-19, identifying disparities from testing to mortality, and quantifying excess risks for long-term outcomes among COVID-19 survivors.

Research Area
Electronic health records
Genetic epidemiology
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Non-communicable diseases

Selected Publications

Analysis of genetic and clinical factors associated with buprenorphine response.
Crist RC; Vickers-Smith R; Kember RL; Rentsch CT; Xu H; Edelman EJ; Hartwell EE; Kampman KM; Kranzler HR
Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Racial and ethnic disparities for SARS-CoV-2 positivity in the United States: a generalizing pandemic
Ferguson J; Justice A; Osborne T; Magid HA; Purnell A; Rentsch C
Early initiation of prophylactic anticoagulation for prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 mortality in patients admitted to hospital in the United States: cohort study.
Rentsch CT; Beckman JA; Tomlinson L; Gellad WF; Alcorn C; Kidwai-Khan F; Skanderson M; Brittain E; King JT; Ho Y-L
Clinical coding of long COVID in English primary care: a federated analysis of 58 million patient records in situ using OpenSAFELY.
Walker AJ; MacKenna B; Inglesby P; Tomlinson L; Rentsch CT; Curtis HJ; Morton CE; Morley J; Mehrkar A; Bacon S
British Journal of General Practice
Social determinants of pertussis and influenza vaccine uptake in pregnancy: a national cohort study in England using electronic health records.
Walker JL; Rentsch CT; McDonald HI; Bak J; Minassian C; Amirthalingam G; Edelstein M; Thomas S
BMJ open
HIV infection and COVID-19 death: a population-based cohort analysis of UK primary care data and linked national death registrations within the OpenSAFELY platform
Bhaskaran K; Rentsch CT; MacKenna B; Schultze A; Mehrkar A; Bates CJ; Eggo RM; Morton CE; Bacon SCJ; Inglesby P
Effect of pre-exposure use of hydroxychloroquine on COVID-19 mortality: a population-based cohort study in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus using the OpenSAFELY platform.
Rentsch CT; DeVito NJ; MacKenna B; Morton CE; Bhaskaran K; Brown JP; Schultze A; Hulme WJ; Croker R; Walker AJ
The Lancet Rheumatology
Risk of 16 cancers across the full glycemic spectrum: a population-based cohort study using the UK Biobank.
Rentsch CT; Farmer RE; Eastwood SV; Mathur R; Garfield V; Farmaki A-E; Bhaskaran K; Chaturvedi N; Smeeth L
BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care
Patterns of COVID-19 testing and mortality by race and ethnicity among United States veterans: A nationwide cohort study.
Rentsch CT; Kidwai-Khan F; Tate JP; Park LS; King JT; Skanderson M; Hauser RG; Schultze A; Jarvis CI; Holodniy M
PLOS Medicine
Safety of Gabapentin Prescribed for Any Indication in a Large Clinical Cohort of 571,718 US Veterans with and without Alcohol Use Disorder.
Rentsch CT; Morford KL; Fiellin DA; Bryant KJ; Justice AC; Tate JP
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research
Factors associated with COVID-19-related death using OpenSAFELY.
Williamson EJ; Walker AJ; Bhaskaran K; Bacon S; Bates C; Morton CE; Curtis HJ; Mehrkar A; Evans D; Inglesby P
Association of OPRM1 Functional Coding Variant With Opioid Use Disorder: A Genome-Wide Association Study.
Zhou H; Rentsch CT; Cheng Z; Kember RL; Nunez YZ; Sherva RM; Tate JP; Dao C; Xu K; Polimanti R
JAMA Psychiatry
Polypharmacy in HIV: recent insights and future directions.
Edelman EJ; Rentsch CT; Justice AC
Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS
Patterns and Correlates of Prescription Opioid Receipt Among US Veterans: A National, 18-Year Observational Cohort Study
Rentsch CT; Edelman EJ; Justice AC; Marshall BDL; Xu K; Smith AH; Crystal S; Gaither JR; Gordon AJ; Smith RV
AIDS and Behavior
Impact of linkage quality on inferences drawn from analyses using data with high rates of linkage errors in rural Tanzania.
Rentsch CT; Harron K; Urassa M; Todd J; Reniers G; Zaba B
BMC medical research methodology
Linkage to care and antiretroviral therapy initiation by testing modality among individuals newly diagnosed with HIV in Tanzania, 2014-2017.
Rentsch CT; Wringe A; Machemba R; Michael D; Urassa M; Todd J; Reniers G; Zaba B
Tropical medicine & international health
Point-of-contact Interactive Record Linkage (PIRL): A software tool to prospectively link demographic surveillance and health facility data.
Rentsch CT; Kabudula CW; Catlett J; Beckles D; Machemba R; Mtenga B; Masilela N; Michael D; Natalis R; Urassa M
Gates Open Research
Point-of-contact interactive record linkage (PIRL) between demographic surveillance and health facility data in rural Tanzania.
Rentsch CT; Reniers G; Kabudula C; Machemba R; Mtenga B; Harron K; Mee P; Michael D; Natalis R; Urassa M
International Journal of Population Data Science
Alcohol-Related Diagnoses and All-Cause Hospitalization Among HIV-Infected and Uninfected Patients: A Longitudinal Analysis of United States Veterans from 1997 to 2011.
Rentsch C; Tate JP; Akgün KM; Crystal S; Wang KH; Ryan Greysen S; Wang EA; Bryant KJ; Fiellin DA; Justice AC
AIDS and behavior
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