Miss Meherunissa Hamid

BSc (Hons) MSc MScPH

Research Degree Student

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

I am a DrPH student at the school with an interest in exploring the gaps between research and implementation of health delivery programmes that impact quality of patient care and decision-making practices at the organisational and point of care level. I have an MSc in Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases and Public Health in Developing Countries (now Public Health in Development) from LSHTM and BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences from Newcastle University (UK).

My professional experience has been in the Public-Private Partnership sector in a low-income country. This includes implementing research and health delivery projects focussing on Tuberculosis and Sexual and Reproductive Health in hospital and NGO settings. 

Sexual and Reproductive Health: I have conducted Participatory Ethnography and Evaluation Research to understand attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and identify family planning barriers. This research led to the development of a behaviour change communication strategy focusing on community driven projects to increase women's access to reproductive health.

Tuberculosis: I scaled up and implemented the childhood TB arm of a national search, screen and prevent programme in Pakistan. A key priority area was the development of a data system through an online application to track care offered to children throughout their treatment. This enabled the identification of children who are missed within the treatment cascade as well as those who require follow up in time to minimize poor treatment outcomes. I also have experience in implementation and expansion of multi country clinical trials on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (endTB) in Pakistan. In this trial I defined strategic priorities and solutions for providing patient care based on country needs and global priorities.

As a public health practitioner, I focus on strengthening health systems by building capacity within project teams. This includes encouraging team integration, transparency and communication. I also focus on identifying local needs through patient and community engagement that support in the identification of innovative solutions suitable for low resource settings to improve and support patient care.

Currently, at the school, within the Faculty of Public Health and Policy, I am involved in a study on health systems and policy research based in Pakistan and am a Co-coordinator of the faculty Work in Progress meetings. I am also a member of the LSHTM Decolonising Global Health group (Co-coordinator for the External Advocacy workstream).  


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
TB Centre
Antimicrobial Resistance Centre (AMR)


Research Area
Health policy
Health promotion
Health systems
Organisational research
Social and structural determinants of health
Capacity strengthening
Evidence use
Global Health
Implementation research
Operational research
Social Sciences
South Asia

Selected Publications

Risk factors for unsuccessful tuberculosis treatment outcomes in children.
Hamid M; Brooks MB; Madhani F; Ali H; Naseer MJ; Childhood Tuberculosis Karachi Group; Becerra M; Amanullah F
PloS one
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