Professor Elizabeth Allen




Keppel Street
United Kingdom

020 79272943

Elizabeth joined LSHTM in 2006 and is a Professor of Medical Statistics.


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Medical Statistics


Elizabeth organises the short course in Advanced Epidemiological Analysis and is a co-organiser of STEPH ( Statistics for Epidemiology and Population Health).


Elizabeth specialises in the design and analysis of cluster randomised and non-inferiority randomised controlled trials. She is a member of the LSHTM Clinical Trials Unit management group. Trials she has worked on include amongst others an adult ICU ECMO trial (CESAR), an RCTs of tight glycaemic control of children in intensive care (CHiP), a factorial-design cluster randomized controlled trial investigating the cost-effectiveness of a nutrition supplement and a physical activity program on pneumonia incidence and walking capacity in Chilean older people (CENEX). She recently advised on the analysis of the HALI trial a cluster randomized trial of intermittent screening and treatment for malaria among school children in Kenya. She is currently the statistician for the AMOXIPEN trial a non-inferiority trial of injectable benzyl penicillin versus oral amoxicillin treatment for severe pneumonia in children in Kenya and for the PRACTECAL trial a non-inferiority phase II – III trial for new treatments for drug resistant tuberculosis.

Elizabeth is currently the Statistician for the IDEAs (Informed Decisions for Actions in Maternal and Newborn Health) project, and collaborates with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Nairobi.

Elizabeth's other research interests include interrater agreement and reliability and the analysis complex interventions.

Research Area
Clinical trials
Complex interventions
Maternal health
Statistical methods
Global Health
Impact evaluation
Neonatal health
Randomised controlled trials
United Kingdom
European Union
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

The Good School Toolkit for reducing physical violence from school staff to primary school students: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Uganda.
Devries, K.M. ; Knight, L. ; Child, J.C. ; Mirembe, A. ; Nakuti, J. ; Jones, R. ; Sturgess, J. ; Allen, E. ; Kyegombe, N. ; Parkes, J. ; Walakira, E. ; Elbourne, D. ; Watts, C. ; Naker, D. ;
Lancet Glob Health
Effects of vitamin B-12 supplementation on neurologic and cognitive function in older people: a randomized controlled trial.
Dangour, A.D.; Allen, E.; Clarke, R.; Elbourne, D.; Fletcher, A.E.; Letley, L.; Richards, M.; Whyte, K.; Uauy, R.; Mills, K.;
Am J Clin Nutr
A randomized trial of hyperglycemic control in pediatric intensive care.
Macrae, D. ; Grieve, R. ; Allen, E. ; Sadique, Z. ; Morris, K. ; Pappachan, J. ; Parslow, R. ; Tasker, R.C. ; Elbourne, D. ; CHiP Investigators, . ; COLLABORATORS;Allen, E. ; Betts, H. ; Elbourne, D. ; Grieve, R. ; Guerriero, C. ; Loverage, M. ; Macrae, D. ; Morris, K. ; Pappachan, J. ; Parslow, R. ; Piercy, D. ; Sadique, Z. ; Van Dyck, L. ; Smith-Wilson, N. ; Tasker, R.C. ; Barnes, P. ; Edwards, S. ; Field, D. ; Hooper, J. ; Preece, M. ; Quick, T. ; Snowdon, C. ; Tume, L. ; Vlasselaers, D. ; Williamson, P. ; Allen, E. ; Brooks, L. ; Diallo, K. ; Elbourne, D. ; Frost, C. ; Gadhiya, A. ; Henley, P. ; Morris, E. ; Piercy, D. ; Ramos, P. ; Sturgess, J. ; Truesdale, A. ; Betts, H. ; Bacon, S. ; Betts, H. ; Macrae, D. ; Baines, P. ; Morlidge, C. ; Christopherson, M. ; Guhadasan, R. ; Haigh, F. ; Hawcutt, D. ; Hill, H. ; Holmes, P. ; Horan, M. ; Jennings, R. ; Kerr, S. ; Potter, F. ; Ratcliffe, J. ; Scott, E. ; Selby, A. ; Sellers, C. ; Shetty, N. ; Sidaras, D. ; Simpson, E. ; Siner, S. ; Thorburn, K. ; Morris, K. ; Laker, S. ; Benson, E. ; Duncan, H. ; Ewing, K. ; Faulkner, J. ; Holdback, N. ; Hydes, L. ; Martin, J. ; Menzies, J. ; Sebastian, S. ; Smith, M. ; Spry, J. ; Winmill, H. ; Schindler, M. ; Robinson, N. ; Allen, M. ; Davis, P. ; Dean, S. ; Fineman, N. ; Fraser, J. ; Goodwin, S. ; Grant, D. ; Jenkins, I. ; Marriage, S. ; Talmud, J. ; Weir, P. ; White, M. ; Wolf, A. ; Zafurallah, I. ; Duthie, M. ; Brunskill, C. ; Patel, R. ; Barry, P. ; Pooboni, S. ; Ramaiah, R. ; Vora, A. ; Westrope, C. ; Whitelaw, J. ; Peters, M. ; Broadhead, M. ; Riordan, S. ; Blatcher, T. ; Brierley, J. ; Durkan, L. ; Jones, A. ; Krukenburg, U. ; Lister, P. ; Mok, Q. ; Petros, A. ; Pierce, C. ; Sharma, S. ; Darowski, M. ; Atwal, P. ; Cooper, L. ; Macrae, D. ; Bacon, S. ; Adamovic, T. ; Burmester, M. ; Desai, A. ; Furck, A. ; Gala, S. ; Harrison, E. ; Lammers, A. ; LaRovere, J. ; Mittal, A. ; Montgomery, M. ; Pallawela, J. ; Pathan, N. ; Rodrigues, W. ; Samad, T. ; Toohey, P. ; Fortune, P.M. ; MacDonald, M. ; Rishton, C. ; Barber, R. ; Gnanalingham, M. ; Hawkins, K. ; Playfor, S. ; Samuels, M. ; Stewart, D. ; Yates, R. ; Gray, M. ; Wall, E. ; Smith, S. ; Inwald, D. ; Abdulla, A. ; Brewer, A. ; Cooper, M. ; Habibi, P. ; de Munter, C. ; Nadel, S. ; Qureshi, S. ; Ramnarayan, P. ; Smale, A. ; Wolverson, M. ; Mayer, A. ; Wall, K. ; Bevan, C. ; Fernando, L. ; Hancock, S. ; Perring, J. ; Pappachan, J. ; Gale, H. ; Grace, L. ; Hyde, P. ; Jones, G. ; Macintosh, I. ; McCorkell, J. ; Mitchell, R. ; Morton, K. ; Ramakrishnan, K. ; Rees, S. ; Stanley, V. ; Sykes, K. ; Wilson, P. ; McMaster, P. ; Ramesh, P. ; Lownds, S. ; Alexander, J. ; Beaumond, K. ; Bebbington, M. ; Dodd, S. ; Lightfoot, S. ; Newman, E. ; Percival, P. ; Proctor, T. ; Robinson, K. ; Shepley, H. ; Sidley, C. ; Wilson, T. ; Dunger, D. ; Harrison, D. ; Hatch, D. ; Peek, G. ; Smith, J. ; Grieve, R. ; Guerriero, C. ; Sadique, Z. ; Bennett, M. ; Flemming, T. ; Strachan, J. ; Fleming, T. ; Parslow, R. ; Moncrieff, S. ; Kirby, A. ; Tasker, R.C. ; Butcher, W. ; Cooper, A. ; Henderson, L. ; Fatukasi, J. ; Davies, R. ; Dodd, L. ; Gregory, C. ; Poustie, V. ; Smyth, R. ; Van't Hoff, W. ; Slavik, Z. ; Tasker, R.C. ;
N Engl J Med
The use of variance components for the assessment of outcome measures in rheumatology
Allen, E.J.; Farewell, V.T.
Journal of Applied Statistics
An assessment of disease flare in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a comparison of BILAG 2004 and the flare version of SELENA.
Isenberg, D.A.; Allen, E.; Farewell, V.; D'Cruz, D.; Alarcón, G.S.; Aranow, C.; Bruce, I.N.; Dooley, M.A.; Fortin, P.R.; Ginzler, E.M.; Gladman, D.D.; Hanly, J.G.; Inanc, M.; Kalunian, K.; Khamashta, M.; Merrill, J.T.; Nived, O.; Petri, M.; Ramsey-Goldman, R.; Sturfelt, G.; Urowitz, M.; Wallace, D.J.; Gordon, C.; Rahman, A.;
Ann Rheum Dis
Efficacy and economic assessment of conventional ventilatory support versus extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for severe adult respiratory failure (CESAR): a multicentre randomised controlled trial.
Peek, G.J.; Mugford, M.; Tiruvoipati, R.; Wilson, A.; Allen, E.; Thalanany, M.M.; Hibbert, C.L.; Truesdale, A.; Clemens, F.; Cooper, N.; Firmin, R.K.; Elbourne, D.; for the CESAR trial collaboration, .;
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