Nida Wasim

Alumni | Full-time | Pakistan

MSc Public Health – General stream

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Nida Wasim

Educational/professional background

I am a Chevening Scholar studying the MSc Public Health, following my undergraduate from Zia Uddin Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan I completed my master's in health management from Dow University of health sciences (DUHS). Additionally, I hold a professional certification in clinical research (CRCP). 

I have diverse professional experience in consultation, clinical and managerial roles within healthcare and research. I have also interned with Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET) where I worked closely with the CDC for implementation and evaluation of field epidemiology training programmes (FETPs) in over 10 countries.

Research interests or career goals

Primarily, my research interest is chronic/non-communicable diseases and multimorbidity in LMICs. I aim to explore the potential of evidence-based interventions and strategies to manage and prevent NCDs. Other areas of interest are health systems, quality of care and gender-specific approaches to NCDs.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

LSHTM is one of the most prestigious institutions for public health globally and is highly regarded for its academic excellence. When I decided to pursue an MSc, it was a clear choice for me. The comprehensive modules and immense learning opportunities at LSHTM are unparalleled.

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