Mamadu Baldeh

Mamadu Baldeh

Student | Full-time | Sierra Leone, Gambia

MPhil and PhD - Research Degrees

Mamadu Baldeh

Educational/professional background

I am a medical doctor, public health specialist, and emerging global health researcher from Sierra Leone. Presently, I'm a first-year Ph.D. student at LSHTM and based at the MRC Unit in the Gambia. I earned my medical degree from Venezuela and an MSc Public Health from the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in the Netherlands.

Over the past 5 years, my work encompasses clinical, medical education, and research activities. As a clinician, I have acquired natural communication skills and a solid clinical acumen around infectious disease. As a teacher, I have honed my skills in delivering teaching whilst reflecting and developing a pedagogical style as a lecturer in the medical school in Sierra Leone.

As a clinical researcher, I worked with King’s College London as a clinical study assistant, data coder, and recently, a clinical research fellow for the Stroke in Sierra Leone research study, funded by the National Institute of Health Research. Through this programme, I have acquired a solid understanding of research methodology, clinical research, and principles of Good Clinical Practice. 

Research interests or career goals 

To become an independent researcher and health systems expert conducting multi-disciplinary research, developing and testing community-based interventions to address challenges faced by local health systems and families. 

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

The groundbreaking achievements over the years in the field of public health and diagnostic medicine have been commendable and the opportunity to study alongside renowned academics and scientists at the LSHTM and MRC unit in The Gambia is in line with my passion to address and develop effective evidenced-based diagnostic methods and policies.

I am happy to provide advice on studying full-time and on topics including health systems, Subsaharan Africa and digital diagnostics.