Jose Maria Nunag (Lloyd)

Jose Maria Nunag (Lloyd)

Student | Distance learning | Philippines

Public Health by Distance Learning

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Lloyd Nunag

Why I chose LSHTM/my course

As a Research Nurse, my interest in development of health policy decisions through research prompted me to study the MSc Public Health by distance learning. LSHTM has an outstanding reputation throughout the world as a leader in international health and research, and the distance learning program gives me the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world, allowing me to continue to work and travel while completing my degree. I’m hoping that my studies with LSHTM will lead me to a better understanding of the disconnection and connection between health, policy, and research, and I hope I can share that with more people and advocates alike, but also to learn more and practically grow while driving change for Public Health and belong to a network that has an active and impacting voice. 

What I have enjoyed most about my course

To be honest, studying via distance learning is the best decision I’ve ever made this year! Earning my master's degree while at the same time having a continuous work experience optimised all the opportunities I have.

How my programme will help my career

Four months after I started my MSc, I immediately got a promotion - thanks to the valuable knowledge and skills I am learning and the reputation of LSHTM. I hope this will inspire others to study their master's without quitting the job they love!

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