Henry Karanja

Henry Karanja

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Infectious Diseases by Distance Learning

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Henry Karanja

Educational/professional background

BSc. Biomedical Science and Technology.

What I enjoyed most about studying at LSHTM

The course content was very relevant to my field and supplemented my experience in the laboratory. The modules are taught by leading scientists in their field thus the content is up to date and relevant to current scientific practice. In addition, I got introduced to new areas of study, specifically arboviruses, which is now my current working research interest!

The course is very flexible and self-paced hence one can comfortably work and study at the same time. The long distance worked very well for me since I was able to concentrate on my studies and at the same time, stay with my young family at home without long travel periods.

The blended course gave me a unique opportunity to interact with fellow students in a class setting and also meet my tutors.

Since graduating I have been...

I am interested in:

1. Describing the temporal and spatial prevalence of arboviruses along the Kenyan coast.

2. Conducting vaccine trials in both humans and animals.

Most recently, our research group has been involved in supporting the government in describing the burden of SARS CoV 2 in Kenya by conducting SARS CoV2 Sero-surveillance using samples collected across different locations in Kenya.

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