Hany Khalifa

Student | Distance learning | Egypt, Canada

Epidemiology by Distance Learning

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Hany Khalifa

Educational/professional background

I have a bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Cairo University, Egypt; additionally I am a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS) from the board of pharmacy specialities in the USA. Also, I am a certified project management professional (PMP) from the project management institute (PMI) in the USA. I participated in several trainings and workshops focused on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and clinical trials monitoring.

I started my career as a community pharmacist, then I joined the pharmaceutical industry where I had a chance to work in different roles to monitor and manage different phases of clinical trials in several countries. My current role focuses on Real World Data (RWD) applications in evidence generation. 

Research interests or career goals

  • Real World Data (RWD) applications in evidence generation in different therapeutic areas. 

  • Infectious disease modelling applications 

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

I chose LSHTM as it is one of the most reputable academic institutions in the field of public health and epidemiology with significant contributions to the advancement of public health research. I decided to study epidemiology to endorse my academic background and help me to have a meaningful contribution to the advancement of science.

Contact Hany Khalifa

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