Ella Noyes

Alumni | Full-time | United Kingdom

MSc Public Health

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Ella Noyes

Educational/professional background

I studied for a BA in Geography with International Development at the University of East Anglia, graduating in 2021. My degree was extremely interdisciplinary, introducing me to health and development, as well as politics, anthropology and environmental science, which all have been relevant whilst studying Public Health so far.

Research interests or career goals

I have rather broad interests in the development and global health field. However, I am very interested in women’s health and sanitation, as well as the health inequalities women face. I am also interested in sexual health, especially for marginalized communities. I would like to find myself in a career that promotes health for those who are underrepresented within society.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

I chose LSHTM as it is an extremely prestigious institution within the field of Public Health; both the research and the teaching are unmatched. The vast amount of expertise and knowledge provided by researchers and professors at the school opens your eyes to the depth of the impact they make within the field.

I wanted to further my knowledge and skills amongst like-minded people, who all want to improve health all over the world. MSc Public Health is an intense course, but I can already tell that the number of skills I am going to gain from this year will stay with me for life!

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