Ann-Kristin Schwenger

Ann-Kristin Schwenger

Alumni | Full-time | Germany

MSc Medical Entomology for Disease Control

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Ann-Kristin Schwenger

Educational/professional background

From 2014-2017 I was studying for my BSc Human Biology and Infectious Diseases and then continued with my MSc in Medical Entomology for Disease Control at LSHTM.

As I had my daughter during my MSc, I took a 1-year break from my course.

As a result, I am aware of the struggles young parents face and the difficulties that lie ahead as a woman in science. I am more than happy to share my personal experience with future students and give advice.

What I enjoyed most about studying at LSHTM

Since my BSc at the University of Salford I had a keen interest for neglected tropical diseases and parasitic diseases, therefore my MSc was perfect as it combined both the theory of disease control and practical skills, such as diagnostics or field work.

Especially the diagnosis with a microscope is essential when working in the field and without access to further diagnostic tools and was a big part of my course, which I enjoyed very much.

Another reason why I chose LSHTM is the hugely diverse student body, which enabled me to get to know people from all over the world and different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Since graduating I have been...

I am currently studying in my second year of my 6-year course of medical school. As a doctor, I hope to work abroad and in low-cost healthcare settings where I can incorporate the skills I gained at LSHTM.

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