Aahil Damani

Aahil Damani

Student | Intercalating | United Kingdom, Pakistan

MSc Control of Infectious Diseases

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Aahil Damani

Educational/ professional background

I am an intercalating medical student from King’s College London, having completed 3 years of studies prior to starting the master’s degree.

Research interests or career goals

  • Current interests lie in tuberculosis and the two great threats of antimicrobial resistance and emerging viral infections.
  • In the future, I want to practise as a clinician but do some academic and humanitarian work alongside.
  • I am using this degree to broaden my horizons.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

As someone who had studied pre-clinical and some clinical medicine, I felt that I needed a strong foundation in research methodology, statistics and epidemiology to help me in my future aspirations of working as an academic clinician. Interested in global health and clinical medicine, I knew that LSHTM would be the most-suited institution to do a research focussed master’s in the field. It is a world-renowned university that attracts students from around the world. From my first week of studying at LSHTM, it was evident that it truly was a global university. In my seminar groups my peers were from around the world: Sweden to South Africa, USA to Tanzania. In the field of global health, it is crucial to be exposed to these different backgrounds to get various perspectives that one may not have come across previously.

The MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases is unique as it is a multi-disciplinary approach bringing together students from diverse backgrounds including those in public health, medicine, social and laboratory sciences. The beauty about the course is that it is broad with modules covering the clinical aspects of infectious diseases which will be of use as a doctor in whichever specialty I go into as well as modules in epidemiology and statistics; important in research. The skills gained on this course are transferable and will put me in good stead for the future. 

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