Reasons to study Medical Statistics at LSHTM

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in medical statistics? In this blog post, MSc Medical Statistics student Adrija shares her experiences on the programme this year and the reasons she chose to study Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
Student, Adrija, stood outside of LSHTM.

Curriculum structure

The programme structure and module content were two of the best parts of the Medical Statistics programme for me. Almost every session of each module involved a lecture followed by a computer-based practical. The practical sessions helped me understand all the theoretical concepts covered in the lectures and truly learn how different statistical techniques are used on real-world datasets. The coursework assessments given out towards the end of modules integrated most of the concepts learnt in that class and helped analyse a dataset like it would be done in a real-world setting.

Students from various backgrounds

Although this year’s cohort is small, the students represented a wide variety of academic backgrounds, ranging from the more obvious Mathematics and Statistics to Biology, Immunology, Medicine and Public Health. This created lots of opportunities for peer-to-peer learning in addition to the formal learning material. It was always interesting to hear what my classmates with a more medical background thought of particular studies and how their understanding of these studies differed from mine. They were very insightful and further helped me with an all-round understanding of the topics.

Renowned faculty

During this MSc, we were taught by faculty members who are some of the best in their field and are currently actively involved in research. They work in many areas and it was easy to find professors with similar research interests to mine. This also makes it quite convenient to craft your own summer project with a topic of your choice, if you would like. The faculty members also ensure that the course content is kept up-to-date with the current statistical techniques being used in academia and industry outside of the school.

Networking opportunities

The school provides plenty of opportunities to meet medical statisticians and health data analysts leading very important research in public health through a wide range of seminars, workshops and guest lectures. The school also maintains a strong relationship with their alumni and often provides current students with opportunities to interact with alumni to get insights into their careers. Throughout the year, the school tries to find ways for students to network with researchers and other fellow students from different programmes to foster cross-MSc interactions.

Overall, I found LSHTM to be a great place to study Medical Statistics and explore its different aspects. I found my study experience here at LSHTM to be challenging yet extremely fulfilling. It helped me find the type of work I would most enjoy doing after finishing the degree. The faculty were very welcoming and helpful. I am also grateful for meeting with students from such different backgrounds – they contributed to my learning experience as much as the actual course content did. I had a great year of studying at the school and would recommend it to anyone looking for an intense yet comprehensive year of learning Medical Statistics.