The best places to study near Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is home to a wealth of historical landmarks and unique London charm, as well as some of the greatest heritage and academic institutions in London. We asked our students to share some of their favourite study spots in the area.
Student in the library

Keppel Street Library 

"Studying at the school is always a great idea. The library is good, and we have few quiet study areas."

Of course, we had to start with our own beautiful library at Keppel Street which is the perfect place to get focused on your studies. Full of original art deco features and style, you can choose from a number of desks or sink into one of the window-side armchairs which overlook some of Bloomsbury’s prettiest streets such as Store Street. 

Students Studying in the library
Students studying in Keppel Street Library

The British Library 

"I’m a huge fan of the British Library, specifically the reading rooms for intense studying"

As the national library of the UK, the British Library is home to at least one copy of every book produced in the UK and Ireland as well as many more from around the world. Our students enjoy the architecture and quiet reading rooms of this national institution, just a short walk north of Euston station. 

The Wellcome Collection 

"The Wellcome Collection library is an amazing study space with free membership and a café downstairs!"

As specialists in global health, our students love to visit the Wellcome Collection. The building offers both a free museum and library which are home to artefacts and exhibitions on the themes of medicine and health. When not taking a well-deserved study break to admire some of the weird and wonderful objects on display, the Wellcome Collection’s library and contemporary café offer a great place to study, just opposite Euston station.

Senate House Library 

"The Senate House Library is a good place to study and it is only two minutes away from LSHTM. Top tip - they have a great collection of books you can borrow from too."

As a University of London member university, LSHTM students also have access to the Senate House Library, which offers further beautiful and historic study spaces right next to our Keppel Street building.

The British Museum 

"I have been enjoying studying at the British Museum’s cafes, although finding power outlets there can be a challenge."

The British Museum’s unique ‘Greek Revival’ exterior is a breathtaking part of Bloomsbury’s architecture, just across the road from Keppel Street. Students can visit a number of cafés on the site of the public museum, which boasts one of the largest permanent collections of human history, art and culture in the world. The Great Court is also worth seeing, as the largest covered public square in Europe.

British Museum
Inside the British Museum, photo by Nicolas Lysandrou

Store Street Espresso 

"Store Street Espresso is less than a two-minute walk from campus, and their coffee is yum!"

Local coffee shop, Store Street Espresso, is popular among students and staff looking for a top-quality coffee. Store Street is lined with independent shops and boutiques, including this café which has tables and chairs for sitting outside on a sunny day, as well as a skylight bringing in lots of natural light for studying inside.