Supporting the COVID-19 relief effort in the USA

Over the last year, our students and staff have played a vital role in the COVID-19 response, through research, volunteering and community support.
Cynthia Wanyin Tan, Distance Learning by Public Health Student

Meet Cynthia, one of our Public Health by Distance Learning students based in the USA. During COVID-19, Cynthia volunteered at a local food ministry, providing thousands of home-made meals to seniors, families and the homeless.

"I had just moved to the US when the pandemic hit. Everything was shut and help was enlisted everywhere. As a medical doctor, my knee jerk action was to look for places I could offer my services at. However, it was extremely difficult for an international medical doctor to just get work in the US without being accepted into a residency program for training or have your state practicing license. 

Feeling pretty helpless that I couldn’t help in my occupational field, I looked to volunteer in other capacities and found Toni’s Kitchen. Toni’s kitchen is a food ministry that provides food for seniors, families and homeless individuals. I volunteered in packing grocery bags (produce and non-perishable) and handing them out to families. 

It was rewarding to be able to help make a difference and to see the appreciation on the faces of those collecting their bags."

Foodbank storage and food bags