Studying MSc One Health - Anuoluwapo Kuye

Anuoluwapo, from Nigeria, is a trained veterinarian studying the MSc One Health: Ecosystems, Humans & Animals which is delivered in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). Anuoluwapo tells us how she has found studying the programme online during the pandemic.
Anuoluwapo Kuye

Tell us about your background and why you are interested in One Health 

I am a veterinarian from Nigeria. I worked briefly in northern Nigeria after school and I was intrigued by the trend of dog bites among vulnerable children who could not afford the cost of post-exposure prophylaxis. I wondered how I could contribute my quota towards strengthening collaboration efforts between the human and animal sectors. 

Why did you choose to study MSc One Health at LSHTM?  

I chose One Health at LSHTM because I fell in love with the School after seeing a scholarship advert on the news. I read about LSHTM afterwards and became intrigued with MSc One Health because of my interest in understanding how zoonotic diseases can be controlled effectively through multidisciplinary collaborations with other sectors. Coming from a  background in veterinary medicine, I wanted a mix of the best from the public health world and the veterinary world; One Health was just the right one. 

What did you enjoy about studying MSc One Health?  

I enjoyed the mix of students from around the world, giving examples from their different countries. Although I haven’t travelled to many countries through the examples my colleagues gave, I felt I had travelled to their countries. 

'The modules have expanded my capacity for thinking and have made me question the things I see around me.'

How did you find studying at both LSHTM and RVC as part of your course?  

It was interesting shuffling between both schools and gaining insights from the best of the two worlds. 

How does the one health approach underpin your career and/or research?  

One Health helps me to see the need for greater collaborative efforts among healthcare professionals, especially in Nigeria where I am from. It has also helped me to understand the tremendous impact that the use of the one health approach could have in solving the problem of zoonotic diseases which affect the most marginalised individuals in society. I hope to focus on tackling the impact of infectious diseases in marginalised communities. 

How has the MSc One Health prepared you to apply the one health approach in your current and future work?  

The modules have expanded my capacity for thinking. I believe the modules I have taken have made me question the things I see around me.

How have you found studying online with LSHTM and RVC?  Did you have any concerns before studying online?  

I had no concerns about studying online initially. However, I did get isolated at some points and felt limited connection with my colleagues.

What advice do you have for anyone who is considering applying to MSc One Health?  

It is an enjoyable course that is worth it. 

What are your study plans and/or ambitions for after you graduate?  

I hope to do a PhD and move into the space of global health policy, with a focus on strengthening Africa's systems to combat infectious diseases successfully.