International Students Welcome

The International Students Welcome will take place on the Thursday and Friday before orientation week. This is an opportunity to meet fellow students, find out about life at the School and in London, and other practical matters such as UK healthcare and bank accounts. The event is aimed at international students, but UK students are also very welcome to attend.

Orientation week

Orientation week timetable (pdf – coming soon)

In addition to School-wide sessions, there will be a specific introduction to the MSc Medical Statistics and a welcome lunch. Further sessions during the week will introduce you to the staff, MSc and the School, as well as some introductory lectures. For those who haven’t studied maths for a while there will be two refresher sessions. There are gaps in the orientation week timetable in case you need to arrange housing, banking etc.

Please note that all new students, including those studying part-time, are expected to attend this first week in full.

Term 1

Term 1 timetable (pdf – coming soon)

Please note that the teaching is intensive and we advise full-time students not to do paid work for more than six hours per week.

Reading list

We suggest that you buy only one of the recommended books. Other textbooks may be recommend for different modules throughout the year.

Practical Statistics for Medical Research. Altman, Chapman and Hall, 1990, ISBN: 0412276305

Statistical Methods in Medical Research. Armitage, Berry and Matthews, Fourth Edition, Blackwell, 2001, ISBN: 9780632052578

Biostatistics: A Methodology for the Health Sciences. Van Belle, Fisher, Heagerty and Lumley, Second Edition, Wiley, 2004, ISBN: 978-0471031857

Essential Medical Statistics. Kirkwood and Sterne, Second Edition, Blackwell, 2003, ISBN: 9780865428713

Revision documents

- Maths test (pdf)
- Matrix (pdf)
- Probability (pdf)
- Functions and calculus (pdf)

Information for new part-time students

You will attend the MSc two days per week – Monday and Tuesday during the first year and Thursday and Friday in the second year, though this may vary in Terms 2 and 3 depending on your module selection. More details will be given during the orientation week, but also feel free to email the Programme Administrator at if you have any questions ahead of then.

Information for returning part-time students

Please take a look at the timetable for the orientation week. Orientation week is optional for second year part-time students, although we strongly recommend that you attend the welcome lunch and the staff-student introduction to get to know the new students.

There will be a social event later in the week to which you are warmly invited – again this would be a good opportunity to get to know the new students.

There will also be a farewell event for the outgoing students on the day of the project submission deadline. Please do come along and say goodbye to them.