Tuition fees and expenses 2015-16

(New & continuing London-based students)

Annual tuition fees, which include registration, library membership and examination fees for London-based students, are shown in the table below. These are reviewed annually. Fees are charged according to the fee status of the student - Home or Overseas. Fees for the compulsory field courses are given as a guide only. Agreed fees for the field courses will be shown on the tuition fee invoice.

Students undertaking projects overseas will need to find up to £1,500 in addition to cover costs involved.

Annual tuition fees for distance learning students (see sections 4 and 5 below) include course/module registration and access to the School's Virtual Learning Environment and online library resources. These tuition fees do not include local examination centre fees or resit fees; Distance Learning students undertaking projects may also incur additional costs.

Tuition fees shown below are for the academic year 2015-16. 

Master's degrees



Part-time *
Field Trip (all students)
Control of Infectious Diseases £8,300 £4,150  £19,450 £9,725  
Demography & Health £8,300 £4,150 £19,450 £9,725  
Epidemiology £8,300 £4,150  £19,450 £9,725 £185
Global Mental Health £9,960   £23,340    
Health Policy, Planning & Financing £9,456 £4,728 £20,034 £10,017  
Immunology of Infectious Diseases £8,300 £4,150 £19,450 £9,725 £500
Medical Entomology for Disease Control £8,300 £4,150 £19,450 £9,725 £600
Medical Microbiology £8,300  £4,150  £19,450 £9,725  
Medical Parasitology £8,300  £4,150  £19,450 £9,725 £600
Medical Statistics £8,300  £4,150  £19,450  £9,725  
Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases £8,300  £4,150  £19,450 £9,725  
Nutrition for Global Health £8,300  £4,150  £19,450  £9,725  
One Health £10,030   £17,420    
Public Health (All Streams) £8,300  £4,150  £19,450  £9,725  
Public Health in Developing Countries £8,300 £4,150 £19,450 £9,725 £200
Public Health for Eye Care £8,300  £4,150  £19,450  £9,725  
Reproductive & Sexual Health Research £8,300  £4,150  £19,450  £9,725  
Tropical Medicine & International Health £8,300  £4,150  £19,450 £9,725  
Veterinary Epidemiology £7,920   £20,060    

* Some courses are not available part-time; where this is the case fees indicated in the part-time column are for split studies. See Mode of Study Information for which courses are available part-time.

Research studies



Part-time *

Epidemiology & Population Health
DrPH / MPhil / PhD





Infectious & Tropical Diseases
MPhil/PhD Lab-based £4,600 £2,300 £16,700 £8,350
MPhil/PhD Non-lab based £4,600 £2,300 £13,750 £6,875
DrPH £4,600 £2,300 £13,750 £6,875

Public Health & Policy

DrPH / MPhil / PhD





Writing Up Fee

DrPH / MPhil / PhD (All Faculties) £900 £900 £900 £900

3. Continuing professional development - London-based modules

Module Term 1 £18.70 per learning hour subject to a minimum of £1,870
Module Terms 2 and 3 £1,870

4. Continuing professional development - Distance Learning modules

10 Credit modules  £1,140
15 Credit modules  £1,712

5. Distance learning courses

Clinical Trials £6,850 £9,300 £11,770
Epidemiology  £6,850 £9,300  £11,770 
Public Health  £6,850 £9,300  £11,770
Infectious Diseases  £6,850 £9,300 £11,770
Global Health Policy  £6,850 £9,300 £11,770 


Payment by instalments Clinical Trials, Epidemiology, Global Health Policy, Infectious Diseases  Public Health
Initial registration fee:
PG Certificate, Diploma and MSc
£1,100 £1,100
Fee per core module:
PG Certificate, Diploma and MSc
£1,440 £960
Fee per advanced module:
PG Diploma and MSc
£620 £620
Fee for final project - MSc only £1,840 £1,850
Fee for integrating module (Clinical Trials only) £1,240 -
Fee for blended learning (DL student coming to London) if whole MSc is paid upfront £750 £750
Fee for blended learning (DL student coming to London) if paying per module £1,415 £1,415
Resit fee (core module) £180 £180
Resit  (advanced module including project) £85 £85

Further information

A number of courses that the School offers, notably all London-based MSc courses, charge separate tuition fees for 'Home/EU' (sometimes shortened to 'Home') and 'Overseas' students. The criteria used to decide whether a student should be classified as Home or Overseas is prescribed by the UK Government using rules which are followed by the Admissions Officer when assessing an application for study. The School has no powers to waive or amend these rules. An outline of these rules can be found on the UKCISA website

The Overseas fee for each course has been calculated by assessing the full cost to the School of providing teaching, taking into account building costs, materials, staff salaries etc.

The Home fee is recommended by the UK Government each year. The School receives an additional sum of money from the UK Government for each Home student to make up the difference between the Home and Overseas fee. Thus, although different fees are charged by the School for Home and Overseas students, the net income received by the School for each student is roughly the same irrespective of fee status.

The School's Distance Learning programmes and many short courses are not subsidised by the UK Government. For these courses, the Home and Overseas fees are the same.

Fee status

Students are classified as Home/EU or Overseas for tuition fee purposes. A different fee is levied for each category. An assessment of the appropriate category is made under the Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations 1997.

Generally, Home/EU fees apply to those students who demonstrate the following:

On the 1st of September, a student's immigration status would need to be either:

- A British/EC Citizen

- Have Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK/EC

- Have a Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode in the UK/EC

- Have any of the following UK/ EU nationals (citizens): parents or grandparents, spouse or civil partner, child or grandchild, child or grandchild of your spouse or civil partner, parents or grandparents of your spouse or civil partner


In addition to fulfilling on of the above conditions, the student must have been ordinarily resident in the UK/EU for the 3 year period preceding the relevant date.

An assessment of fee status will be made for each applicant on receipt of their application form. Applicants can check their own fee status at the website of UKCISA - UK Council for International Student Affairs.

Research students

All Research students are required to be registered for a minimum of two years although it is expected that they will take at least three years to complete a research degree. They must spend at least nine months of their registration at the School. These nine months must include the first three months and the last three months of their registration. Any period away from the School must be agreed with supervisors.

DrPH students are normally required to spend at least the first six months of their registration at the School to complete the taught course element of their degree.

Writing up status

A writing-up fee was introduced with effect from 29 September 2008. The tuition fee is a flat-rate fee for twelve months (with no reduction if students require a shorter writing-up period).

Part-time students

The tuition fees for part-time students are for each year of study. Please note that fees are subject to an increase each year. Part time students attend the field trip in their first year and pay the relevant field trip fee. They are not expected to attend the field trip in the second year and as a result do not pay the field trip fee in the second year.

Split-study students

The tuition fees for split-study students are charged at the full year part-time rate for each year of study, irrespective of the dates they are registered for that year. Please note that fees are subject to an increase each year. The field trip fees are paid for in the first year.

Staff fees

For staff registered on Distance Learning courses
The following links provide full details of fee arrangements and other relevant information for staff wishing to take a School qualification by Distance Learning.

Reduced fee criteria for School employees

Reduced fee criteria for staff employed under a School research grant at a designated collaborative site

For staff registered on London-based courses
Staff who are registered for any of the School's courses (PhD, DrPH, MSc) will be charged a discounted fee (as agreed by the Planning & Finance Committee each year) irrespective of their status and location, subject to the following conditions:
- the member of staff must have achieved one year's full-time equivalent continuous service at the date of commencement of the course, or
- registration for a particular course is a requirement set out in the individual's contract

For the current staff fee rates please contact the Tuition Fees Administrator -

To qualify for this staff should apply for part-time MSc or research studies using the standard Admissions Application form. If an offer of admission is made, the staff member must then provide evidence of their contract of employment with the School. If a contract of employment at the School is terminated during the course of study, tuition fees for the remaining period of registration will be recalculated at the student fee rate. The Admissions team will also request that the staff member provides a letter from their line manager confirming that they can have the requisite time off work to study. 

MSc summer projects

Students undertaking projects overseas will need to find up to £1,500 in addition to cover costs involved. It is not compulsory to undertake MSc projects overseas.


All students are required to have sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, project costs and maintenance expenses for the duration of their studies before starting their course of study. Students should read the cost of living page when setting a budget for their studies.  

Because of the intensive nature of the School’s courses, it is unlikely that full-time students will be able to undertake employment while studying at the School. Students should not plan their budget on the basis that they will receive employment income while studying.

Financial guarantees

The School is not able to provide financial assistance to any student whose funds prove to be inadequate at any stage during their course. Students offered admission will be provided with a Financial declaration form which they will be required to sign confirming their understanding of this situation and that they will have sufficient financial support for the duration of their studies.