2023-24 Envu Research & Travel Grant for Vector Control

Envu Research has provided generous donations to LSHTM over a number of years, to support students registered for one of the following intensive MSc programmes of study:

GBP 8,700.00 is available for award in 2023-24. 

This funding is available to students undertaking an MSc project in vector research. The project of successful applicants should focus on vector control specifically rather than on targeting other components of vector-borne disease control (e.g. chemotherapy, vaccines etc).

This funding is only available for the costs associated with a student’s MSc project, including travel or any activity associated with the project.

Students awarded this funding will be required to send a one-page report to the donor thanking them for their support, summarising how they have used the funds, and updating the donor on the MSc project.

Please note, this fund was previously known as Bayer Research and Travel Grant for Vector Control Research.

How to apply

Applicants must submit, in a single email to the Scholarships team:

  • a completed 2023-24 Current MSc Students’ Scholarships Application Form (.xls). Please complete all four tabs of the excel document (Application Form, Project Outline, Budget, and Timetable):
    • The budget should provide a full list of projected costs for the MSc project, and include justification for the costs. Please highlight which costs are to be covered by the scholarship, as well as show details of how other costs will be covered.
  • In a separate word document or in an additional tab in the application form please also provide a justification for requiring this extra funding, above ITD bench fees (max 500 words).

Incomplete applications will not be considered for this funding.

By submitting an application for this funding applicants agree to its Terms & Conditions.

Please note that all applications will only be reviewed and processed after the deadline. All applications that are submitted before the deadline will be considered equally, regardless of submission date.

The deadline for receipt of complete applications is 23:59 (BST) on Monday 6 May 2024.