Quality of Medical Products and Public Health

Overview - Quality of Medical Products and Public Health


The course will be hosted by the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford in September 2018.

Poor quality of medicines affects all countries but in particular vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries. There is increasing interest in the epidemiology, detection and impact of poor quality medical products and in intervention to reduce their prevalence. The number of research groups and international organizations working in this field has seen a modest increase over the past decade, accompanied by the growing engagement of medicines regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

In spite of some progress, there are many remaining challenges, ranging from legal issues to the lack of funding, and there is a need for more evidence to help inform policy and build research capacity. This course will address the need to build capacity in quality assurance of medical products, and stimulate more research and action in this neglected field. Hosted at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2015 and 2016, and by Boston University School of Public Health in July 2017, the course will be hosted at the University of Oxford in September 2018.

Course aims

The course is aimed at professionals who work in regulatory bodies; health policy and funding agencies; international health organizations; academia and pharmaceutical industries and who are involved and/or interested in quality of medical products (e.g. medicines, diagnostics, vaccines).

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn to understand and discuss issues related to:

  • medicine quality definitions;
  • the epidemiology of poor quality medicines and the data gaps that need to be filled;
  • the basics of medicine regulation, GMP and laws as they relate to medicines quality;
  • the basics of chemical & packaging analysis and rapid tests;
  • the steps needed to improve the global supply of quality assured medicines and how to advocate for them.

Programme details

Guests are advised to arrive on Sunday, 16 September to ensure they are able to attend the programme of teaching and interactive workshops beginning on the morning of Monday, 17 September and running till formal closure of the course on Friday, 21 September.


£1,600 - Course fee inclusive of accommodation at Wolfson College, Oxford and most meals.


Applications must be made through the University of Oxford website:

Application deadline: Friday 18th May at 5:00pm