Short Courses A-Z

Short courses provide opportunities to study specialised topics in a broad range of health and global health fields in addition to that available through the MSc programme.

All our short courses run on an annual basis. If a course is cancelled, you can still register your interest for the 2021 intake, and be the first to be notified once applications open.

Visa information - visa requirements for short course participants.

Course Title When
Adolescent Health in Low and Middle Income Countries June for 10 days *cancelled*
Advanced Course in Epidemiological Analysis September for 10 days *cancelled*
Advanced Stata: Programming and Other Techniques to Make Your Life Easier November for 5 days *cancelled*
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): a Multidisciplinary Approach July for 5 days *cancelled*
Building trust, managing risk around vaccines: from trials to delivery  July for 4 days *cancelled*
Cancer Survival: Principles, Methods and Applications July for 5 days *cancelled*
Causal Inference in Epidemiology: Recent Methodological Developments November for 5 days *cancelled*
Decision Analytic Modelling for Economic Evaluation (Foundations) September for 2 days *cancelled*
Decision Analytic Modelling for Economic Evaluation (Advanced) September for 3 days *cancelled*
Design & Analysis of Cluster Randomised and Stepped Wedge Trials July for 5 days *cancelled*
Epidemiological Evaluation of Vaccines: Efficacy, Safety and Policy July 2021 for 10 days 
Essentials of Clinical Trials June for 5 days *cancelled*
Global Non-Communicable Diseases: epidemiology, health systems and policy March - April for 5 days *cancelled*
Health Policy & Systems *online* September for 5 days *cancelled*
How to Achieve Robust Measurement of Health Outcomes July 2021 for 2 days
Infectious Disease 'Omics September for 3 days *cancelled*
International Eye Health *online* November for 4 days
Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling and its Applications *online* June - July for 10 days
Introduction to Outbreak Analytics using R *online* November for 5 days
Introduction to Spatial Analysis in R September for 4 days *cancelled*
Introductory Course in Epidemiology & Medical Statistics (based in London) June - July for 3 weeks *cancelled*
Introductory Course in Epidemiology & Medical Statistics (based in The Gambia) November for 3 weeks
Laboratory Diagnosis of Malaria June for 3 days *cancelled*
Laboratory Diagnosis of Parasites June for 5 days *cancelled*
Model Fitting and Inference for Infectious Disease Dynamics June for 4 days
Modelling Infectious Disease Risk in a Changing Climate August for 4 days *cancelled*
Modern Techniques for Modelling Infectious Disease Dynamics February for 3 days
Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacovigilance by Distance Learning *online* October
Pharmacoepidemiology in the Era of COVID-19 *online*  March 2021 for 4 days 
Professional Certificate in Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacovigilance November - June
Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (DTM&H in London) October - December
Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (East African Partnership)
(DTM&H in Tanzania and Uganda)
September - December
Professional Diploma in Tropical Nursing *online* March - July 2021, one day per week.
Real-World Evidence in Pharmacoepidemiology: A Practical Course using Electronic Health Records September for 4 days *cancelled*
Researching Gender-based Violence: Methods and Meaning February for 5 days
Statistical Analysis with Missing Data using Multiple Imputation and Inverse Probability Weighting June for 3 days
Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Health Research September for 5 days *cancelled*
Travel Medicine November for 5 days *cancelled*
Tropical Dermatology September for 3 days *cancelled*