NHS 70

Patient in hospital Credit iStock sturti

Often regarded by many as one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the National Health Service celebrates its 70th anniversary on 5 July 2018. Lauded by many, criticised by some, the NHS is rarely out of the news, but how has it developed since it launched and what do the next 70 years hold?

LSHTM has been publishing research on the NHS for over 60 years – from work to improve patient health outcomes to research which has helped shape and influence NHS policy and service delivery. Leading up to the anniversary, LSHTM experts will be exploring topics from the creation of the NHS to the changing nature of hospitals, through a series of thought leadership pieces.

On 3 July LSHTM will host a special Question Time event, asking, Does the NHS have a future? Chaired by Sir Nick Black, the event will feature a panel of NHS leaders discussing what the NHS looks like at 70, how it will evolve, in what form and with what potential reforms.

On 5 July the LSHTM Centre for History in Public Health will be marking the anniversary by showing a selection of films from throughout the history of the NHS. Along with the showing (from 1948 to the present day) an expert panel will provide comment on the films. The event is open to all but registration is required.

Join the conversation at #NHS70LSHTM.

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