A guide to republishing our features

Our features aim to tell an interesting and important story about our research, taking a journalistic style to engage readers with some of the science going on in the institution and with our many global partnerships as we seek to improve health worldwide.

Having built up an archive of multimedia content, we now want to increase access to this information. Features published after November 2018 will therefore be available for republication by other websites and publications under a Creative Commons licence.

We hope you have enjoyed reading them and continue to do so whether on the LSHTM website or elsewhere.

How can we use your content?

Our features published after September 2018 have a Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivatives licence which means the text can be republished by anyone for free, provided certain guidelines are followed.

In order to comply with the Creative Commons licence, you must credit the author and LSHTM – including a link to the original article. The material cannot be edited, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. If you wish to make substantive changes or use quotes or sections of the text please get in touch with us.


Most of the images on our site are copyright of the photographer and are not available under Creative Commons.


All videos are available on our YouTube channel and can be freely embedded on other websites.


If you’d like a file of the LSHTM logo to use, or have any other queries or requests for images or other content, please email