Become a Student Liaison Officer!

Post Description: Malaria Centre Student Liaison Officers (MSc Student)

Centre Background: The Malaria Centre was established in 1998 to facilitate interdisciplinary research at the School, to support links with research in malaria endemic countries and to provide a platform for scientific discussion. It brings together around 300 researchers, postgraduate students and support staff each LSHTM faculty.

Why become an SLO?

  • Enhanced access and networking opportunities within all levels of LSHTM.
  • Build on skill sets which will improve employability.
  • In-depth understanding of topic area outside of the curriculum.
  • Shape outputs within the Centre to the student body, wider School community and external audiences.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Coordination and Communications (Social Media) Support
    • Connect and coordinate the MSc student body with the Malaria Centre through the PhD Student Representative. The SLOs will set up and maintain communications to connect MSc students interested in malaria with each other.
    • Collaborate for action – the SLOs will work together with the PhD Student Rep to establish priorities for activities and events on malaria that can be led by and be oriented towards the LSHTM Student Body. The SLOs will be encouraged to check-in with the PhD Student Rep to gain advice and support on achieving their plans. 
    • Produce materials – the SLOs work alongside Centre Communications Officers to prepare materials such as newsletter content and website blogs, profiling the interests and perspectives of the LSHTM student body.
    • Cross-Centre ecosystem – when relevant, work with other Centres on student-based projects whether this is events or communications.
  • Event Planning and Support
    • Work with the PhD Student Rep, the central events team, and the Centre management team to formulate ideas and organise the logistical aspects of events. This presents an opportunity to engage external institutions/organisations in current malaria research taking place at the School.

Position Duration & Specification: Until end of academic year, current LSHTM MSc Students


Application Details: If interested in the position, please contact with your curriculum vitae and:
a) an idea to engage the student body
b) why you are particularly interested in malaria - (200 words max for each answer)

Closing Date for Applications: Monday, 19 October 2020

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