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The Good Schools Study

The Good Schools Study

Reducing violence in Ugandan primary schools.

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About the project

One of the first cluster-randomised controlled trials of an intervention to reduce violence from school staff to students. The study also included qualitative research, a process evaluation and economic evaluation.

Who we are

The study was a collaboration between LSHTM, Raising Voices, UCL-IoE and Makerere University.


More than 20 academic papers and other resources are listed here.

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About The Good Schools Study 2 columns
About The Good Schools Study

One of the most common forms of violence against children in East Africa is physical violence perpetrated by school staff, but no interventions to reduce this violence have been rigorously evaluated for effectiveness. The Good School Toolkit, developed by Ugandan NGO Raising Voices, aims to reduce this and other violence against children in schools. In 2012, Raising Voices approached LSHTM for assistance to evaluate the impact of the Good School Toolkit in Ugandan primary schools.

From 2012-2015, we conducted the Good Schools Study, which included:

  • a cluster randomised controlled trial in 42 Ugandan primary schools
  • a qualitative study
  • a process evaluation
  • an economic evaluation

We showed that the Toolkit reduced past week physical violence from school staff to students by 42%, and improved students’ feelings of well being and connection to schools. The Toolkit is freely available from Raising Voices.

Who we are
The Good Schools Study Who we are 2 columns
Who we are The Good Schools Study

Major Donors

MRC/DfiD/Wellcome Trust (Joint Global Health Trials Scheme, MR/L004321/1, to K Devries), Hewlett FoundationThe Oak FoundationThe Sigrid Rausuing Trust and American Jewish World Service (to D Naker)

Scientific Papers
Publications List
Methods to increase reporting of childhood sexual abuse in surveys: the sensitivity and specificity of face-to-face interviews versus a sealed envelope method in Ugandan primary school children
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Witnessing intimate partner violence and child maltreatment in Ugandan children: a cross-sectional survey
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Secondary distress in violence researchers: a randomised trial of the effectiveness of group debriefings
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