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Adapting the Good School Toolkit for secondary schools

Adapting a complex violence prevention intervention.

The Good School Toolkit, developed by Ugandan NGO Raising Voices, reduces violence from school staff to students, and peer violence between students, in Ugandan primary schools. This is one of the only whole-school interventions to reduce multiple forms of violence that has been rigorously evaluated. We anticipated that it would also be useful in secondary schools, but that content would need to be adjusted to address differing patterns of violence in secondary schools, as well as differences in school operational culture and context.

In this study, LSHTM and Raising Voices adapted the Toolkit for use in secondary schools. In 2015-2016, we:

  1. Documented the internal logic of the Toolkit intervention
  2. Conducted formative research, including qualitative interviews and focus group discussions, and a small survey with 2 secondary schools
  3. Selected and refined parts of the Toolkit to address the most common forms of violence in secondary schools
  4. Developed and conducted acceptability testing of new intervention materials with secondary school students and secondary school staff in Kampala, Uganda.

We are currently writing up the results of our adaptation research.  Please stay tuned!  We have now been awarded funds to conduct a pilot trial of the adapted intervention.


This study is linked to the Good Schools Study.

Collaborating partner

Who we are
Who we are Adapting the Good School Toolkit for secondary schools

Principal Investigator (LSHTM): Dr Karen Devries

Principal Investigator (Raising Voices): Dipak Naker

Study manager: Heidi Grundlingh (LSHTM)

Co-investigators: Dr Nambusi Kyegombe (LSHTM, MRC/UVRI)

Raising Voices staff: Janet Nakuti, Angel Mirembe, Sophie Namy

Major Donors

MRC (MR/M026264/1, to K Devries)

Hewlett FoundationThe Oak Foundation, and American Jewish World Service (to D Naker)