A call to save the planet means a call to protect human health - expert comment

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Reacting to Boris Johnson's speech at a recent UN Climate Action Roundtable, Professor Alan Dangour, Director for the Centre on Climate Change & Planetary Health at LSHTM, said:

"At the UN Climate Action Roundtable the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on world leaders to commit to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and secure the planet for future generations.  Global commitments and actions are desperately needed to safeguard the planet, but they are also needed to reduce the impact of climate change on human health. 

Climate change is a human health emergency that must be at the top of the global policy agenda. It is already having devastating effects on people and communities around the world.  Policies that seek to tackle climate change must reach across to secure the health of people.

"Let us be the generation of leaders who recognise the need to protect the health of people and the planet."


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