Keeping track on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine

Dr Edward Parker
When will we have a vaccine against SARS-COV2 remains the question most asked by journalists, politicians and the general public.
Vaccine vials. Credit: Louis Leeson/LSHTM

The topic remains a top priority in everyone’s mind as more and more candidates are now going into human trials. Early safety and immunogenicity data are starting to be published for an increasing number of vaccine candidates, and several of these have already progressed to phase III efficacy studies. It’s hard to keep track!

This is where we have stepped in.

In April 2020, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine's Vaccine Centre launched a tracker to monitor the progress of the vaccine pipeline. We're thrilled at how many people are using the resource, and the positive feedback. And now the tracker is even better! A new feature of this tracker- a ‘living review’ - summarises publicly available results from the ongoing clinical trials in an easily digestable format.

The vaccine tracker is designed to help people keep up to date with this ever-evolving landscape. To date, features have included a database of vaccine candidates that combines publicly available information with regular updates from researchers and industry representatives in our network. The tracker also includes a clinical trials database that summarises key attributes and timelines of registered COVID-19 vaccine studies.

Our new 'living review' complements these features by summarising results from published trial reports. Currently, safety and immune response data from phase I and phase II trials are available for seven different vaccine candidates. Each week, we will update the literature search and extract new data to ensure that the latest results are included.

Our tracker has a wide global audience including journalists, members of the public, research institutions and government representatives. We are committed to continue providing an authoritative, up to date resource on COVID-19 vaccine developments, and for our tracker to evolve as the trials themselves evolve. Updates from those involved in COVID-19 vaccine trials are very welcome, and we can provide data on request. 

We can't celebrate having a COVID-19 vaccine yet. But we can applaud the remarkable effort, skill and dedication of development teams around the world.

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker 


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