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​​West African views of ethics and fairness in healthcare, with David Bannister and Ayodeji Adegbite 

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​​This seminar uses history to examine ideas of ethics and fairness from West Africa: Ayodeji Adegbite focuses on mid-20th century Nigeria to consider African challenges to the Euro-American ethics of global health, and David Bannister looks at the role of the past in shaping current views of fair healthcare in Ghana.​ 

​​​Find out more about the Centre for History in Public Health seminar series: Historical perspectives on ethics, morals, and values in public health​.

The seminar will focus on two themes:

  1. ​​African medical practitioners and disease control in Africa: an ethical anchor for a decolonial global health   
  2. ​Fairness in Time: Generational experience and moral economies of state healthcare in Ghana  


​​Ayodeji Adegbite

​​Ayodeji Adegbite is a doctoral candidate in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation takes the environment and African medical practitioners as a point of departure to examine the science, politics and historical epidemiology of diseases such yellow fever, Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Lassa fever and Schistosomiasis from the colonial to postcolonial period in Nigeria.   

David Bannister

David Bannister is a research fellow at the Institute of Health and Society, part of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo. He is currently working on three projects which examine how the past shapes present conditions in state healthcare, and the relationship between public health and the environment: ‘Universal Health Coverage and the Public Good in Africa’ (ERC), ‘Connecting Three Worlds: Socialism, Medicine and Global Health’ (Wellcome), and ‘Epidemic Traces: Landscapes of Infectious Disease Control’ (Norwegian Research Council).  ​ 

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