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​​Vaccine Centre Policy Seminar: HPV Vaccination in the UK​

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​​This seminar focuses on the case study of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in the UK. The HPV vaccine is now offered to girls and boys aged 12–13, as well as to men who have sex with men. The vaccine helps prevent cervical, head and neck, and anogenital cancers caused by HPV infection, as well as genital warts.  

​We have three expert speakers from across the science and policy spectrum. Professor Mark Jit will discuss the mathematical modelling research that informed HPV vaccination policy in the UK. Dr Peter Grove will discuss economic analysis and other considerations that guided decision-making around HPV vaccination in the UK. Finally, Dr Kate Soldan will present her work for UKHSA evaluating the HPV vaccine's impact. 

​This seminar will be followed by a short Q&A and is targeted towards anyone interested in the specific subject area as well as in the more general process by which academic research informs policy.


Dr Peter Grove 

Until his retirement, 5 years ago, D Peter Grove chaired the Department of Health’s Senior Analytical and Economic Review Committee advising Ministers on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new Departmental Programmes. He was also the lead analyst on Vaccination and Immunisation and Emergency (including Pandemic) Preparedness.  His background includes work in Theoretical Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Criminology, Statistics and Operational Research. 

Professor Mark Jit

Professor Mark Jit

Dr Kate Soldan 

Kate Soldan has an MPhil and PhD in epidemiology and has worked on surveillance and epidemiology to inform the design, implementation and evaluation of HPV vaccination since 2016. Prior to this, Kate worked on blood-borne infections and blood safety in the UK, on cancer epidemiology, and on surveillance of HIV and vaccine-preventable infections abroad


Free and open to all, online and in person. No registration required. A recording of this session will be available after the event on this page.


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