Using internal evaluations to measure organisational impact: a meta-analysis of Oxfam’s women’s empowerment projects

Simone Lombardini will deliver this talk entitled 'Using internal evaluations to measure organisational impact: A meta-analysis of Oxfam's women's empowerment projects'.

The seminar will present the results of a meta-analysis examining the overall impact of women’s empowerment projects evaluated as part of Oxfam GB’s Effectiveness Reviews. It provides an example of how using meta-analysis in the presence of a robust organisational global evaluation framework can enable evidence-based learning, organisational accountability and better programme implementation. Results show a positive and significant impact on the Women’s Empowerment Index and mixed results with its individual indicators. It also found statically significant overall effects where the individual studies were too underpowered to detect impact.

About the speaker:

Simone Lombardini is a development economist and impact evaluator with eight years of experience in over 15 countries. He is managing the Impact Evaluation team in Oxfam GB and conducting a range of impact evaluations of Oxfam’s projects to capture the organisation’s effectiveness and to promote evidence-based learning. His area of expertise includes designing and conducting experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations. Simone leads the measuring Women’s Empowerment stream for Oxfam GB, developing new tools and methods for measuring this hard-to-measure outcome area. He graduated in economics from the University of Milan-Bicocca and holds an MSc in development economics from the University of Sussex.

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