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Taking lessons from HIV/AIDS: Do we really need more evidence for cash transfers in the TB context?

A number of social protection interventions, mainly in the form of cash transfers, have been implemented and evaluated over the last decade as part of the global HIV/AIDS response.

Given the advanced state of the evidence and the documented impact of these interventions in the HIV/AIDS community, some might support their application to inform equivalent programme design for TB control, where evidence is encouraging but more scarce. Is our money better spent on the implementation and scaling-up of cash transfer programmes, rather than continued evidence generation in TB contexts? Does the HIV/AIDS approach even generalise to the TB context?

Through a series of speakers and a panel discussion, we explore the question of which important lessons might be drawn from the HIV/AIDS experience, from programme design and targeting, to issues of human rights and conditionalities, to scale, sustainability, and cost. We highlight that whilst TB and HIV/AIDS certainly share characteristics, important epidemiological and political differences still exist between them.

This event will be followed by a drinks reception in the North Courtyard Atrium.

This event is also supported by the LSHTM Centre for Evaluation.



Contact: Daniel Carter