Symposium to Celebrate 50 Years of the MSc Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics MSc 40th anniversary

Statistics as Alchemy: Turning data into gold

Celebrating 50 years of the Masters in Medical Statistics

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine MSc Medical Statistics: the first students graduated in 1969 when Peter Armitage was Professor of Medical Statistics.

To celebrate, we warmly invite you to a 2-day symposium on 11-12 April.

We are delighted by the line-up of stimulating speakers, ranging across causal inference, electronic health records, innovative trial designs and estimands. Peter Armitage has recorded a welcome message to start the meeting. The symposium includes the Bradford Hill Memorial Lecture which will be given by Michael Hughes (Harvard University) on 11 April. Other speakers confirmed so far include: Shadrac Agbla, Deborah Ashby, Nicky Best, James Carpenter, Nick Jewell, Ruth Keogh, Alan Phillips, Stuart Pocock, Linda Sharples, Liam Smeeth, Jonathan Sterne, Jenny Thompson, Stijn Vansteelandt.

Equally importantly, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones – not least at our 50th party on the evening of 11th April!


Spread the word and see you there!



Ticket Prices

£100 General admission tickets

£50 Students. Students will need to have a valid student ID on arrival.

£50 LMIC. LMIC is defined by the DAC list and applicable to attendees who were born and reside permanently in LDC, LIC, or LMIC countries.

Event organisers reserve the right to obtain proof of identification and the right to charge the full registration fee.


Booking required 





Thursday 11th April 2019


Registration & Coffee



Welcome: Chris Frost (including Peter Armitage video)


Session 1: Clinical Trials

Linda Sharples: Pragmatic trials: the missing link between experiment and routine practice

Deborah Ashby: Better benefit-risk decision-making in medicines regulation

Stuart Pocock: Current controversies in Clinical Trials





Session 2: Epidemiology

Liam Smeeth: Getting the best out of computerised health data

Nick Jewell: Epidemiology of the Natural History of Diseases: Challenges, Causality, and Multi-State Models

Stijn Vansteelandt: Investigating the cardiovascular benefit of Liraglutide: a time-to-event mediation analysis





Session 3: Estimands

Alan Philips: Estimands: some reflections on the impact of the Addendum to ICH E9

Nicky Best: Some practical examples of estimand strategies when death is an intercurrent event

James Carpenter: An information anchored approach via multiple imputation


Bradford Hill Lecture

Michael Hughes: Countering the HIV epidemic: statistical issues in treatment evaluation and policy


Bradford Hill Reception & Conference Party


                                                                                 Friday 12th April 2019


Session 4: Hot Topics 1

Jenny Thompson: Recent developments in the analysis of stepped wedge trials

Schadrac Agbla: Estimation of local average causal effect in cluster randomised trials

Tim Collier: Heart Omics and ageing





Session 5: Hot Topics 2

Jonathan Sterne: Assessing risk of bias in randomized trials and non-randomized studies

Ruth Keogh: Creating a ‘trial’ within a longitudinal cohort: some statistical insights and an application in cystic fibrosis


Panel Discussion

State of the Profession: A Vision for the Future

Sheila Bird, John Matthews, Deborah Ashby, Michael Hughes


Concluding remarks

Stuart Pocock