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SAMHD1 restriction of HIV-1

Dr Kate Bishop will deliver this talk entitled 'SAMHD1 restriction of HIV-1'.

Kate Bishop has worked on retroviruses since her PhD.  She is trying to understand exactly what happens, at the molecular level, when a retrovirus infects a cell. She is interested in what cellular proteins retroviruses interact with and how they manipulate cells to become virus-producing factories. Projects in her lab include investigating the relationship between viral core uncoating, reverse transcription and nuclear entry of HIV, determining the function of the MLV capsid and p12 proteins during these early replication events, and working on understanding the function(s) of the HIV Vpx and Vpr proteins. In this seminar she will discuss how the cellular protein SAMHD1 inhibits HIV infection and how HIV counteracts SAMHD1.


Frree and open to all