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Reducing Cars in our Cities


On Sunday 22 September, London will hold its event ‘Reimagine’ to celebrate World Car Free Day. This event will entail extensive road closures and restrictions in the City of London, Southwark and Tower Hamlets and is aimed at helping people reflect on how their city might be with fewer cars.

Inspired by the World Car Free Day celebration, Paul Wilkinson will host a discussion on the environmental and health importance of transport policies that reduce dependence on the motor car, together with an expert in behaviour change and transport policy, Dr Rachel Carey, on 24 September at Jerry Morris Room. Such polices have potential importance for air pollution, physical activity, road injury risks, quality of life and climate change, but achieving substantial reduction in car dependence requires shifts in behaviours and infrastructure investments and has to take account of trends in vehicle technology, including the emergence of autonomous vehicles.

So come and join the debate of what London and other cities should aspire to, and how to make changes that help promote health and well-being.            

Paul Wilkinson is is a clinical epidemiologist with primary research interests in global environmental change and health. 

Dr Rachel Carey is an Honorary Research Associate in the Health Psychology Research Group and an Associate Consultant of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change.


Please note that this session will be live-streamed and recorded

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Open to all, seats available on first come, first served basis.