​​Practical Issues in Clinical Trials: Running a trial - Part 1: Protocol compliance, governance and monitoring​

Focussing on practical issues pertaining to clinical trials

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​​This seminar is the third in a series of six seminars organised by the LSHTM Trials Network. The overall focus is on practical issues pertaining to clinical trials. The series will invite speakers from within LSHTM and our partners in the Gambia and Uganda respectively.  Each seminar will present the state of current practice/ theory/evidence-based approaches followed by concrete worked examples from different presenters.​

​​The third seminar in our series on Practical Issues in Trials on 4th June, will focus on Protocol compliance, governance and monitoring in Trials.

Other upcoming seminars in the series

  • ​September 2024: Running a trial- Part 2: Recruitment and follow up.
  • ​November 2024: Running a trial- Part 3: Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) options.
  • ​January 2025: Closing down a trial and dissemination: Publication, including PPI in dissemination, media. 


​Louise Bensouda, Head Of Quality Management at MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM, will present on “How Ready Are We?: Achieving Audit Readiness for Research Institutions, which will focus on achieving and maintaining audit readiness, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement in trials.

​Dr Armel Zemsi, Head of the Clinical Trials Unit at the MRC Unit the Gambia at LSHTM & Sheikh Omar Sillah, Senior Clinical Trial Monitor also, at the MRC Unit the Gambia at LSHTM, will present on “Key areas for an audit-ready clinical trial and common pitfalls – Example from MRC The Gambia at LSHTM”.

​Nicholas Connor, Int Head of Research Governance & Integrity at LSHTM, who will present on Principles of Research Governance in Clinical Trials.

​At the end of the seminar, the presenters will stay on for 30-minutes for anyone who wishes to participate in a more in-depth, interactive discussion.  A separate link for this will be provided during the webinar.  

Event notices

  • Please note that you can join this session remotely.
  • Please note that the recording link will be listed on this page when available.


Free and open to all. No registration required.