Panel Discussion

A language of shapes: discussion

Illustration of a girl in silhouette standing in a tunnel with branches growing towards the middle. The girl looks at a glowing gold circle in her hand. Gold circles are falling down and scattered on the ground. A small, pink cartoon with a gold star above its head is looking up at the girl.
A still from the animation, A Language of Shapes (2022). Credit: Samantha Moore

Join Serge Mostowy, Professor of Cellular Microbiology, and researchers from the Mostowy lab at LSHTM, as they discuss the creative expression of their research through a recent collaboration with artist Samantha Moore.  

As part of a Wellcome Trust funded public engagement project, Samantha Moore created the animation, A Language of Shapes (2022), which will be presented at the talk. The conversation will explore the process behind making the film, and how the researchers worked with the artist to infuse this animated fairytale with their research. There will also be a consideration of how collaborating on this creative response has benefited the lab team and their research. 

Following the discussion, the film will be projected onto the façade of the LSHTM building, highlighting the important research being undertaken on the cell biology of infection within the Mostowy lab. 


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