Prof Serge Mostowy

Professor of Cellular Microbiology

United Kingdom


Department of Infection Biology
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Selected Publications

London calling: The 5th UK Cellular Microbiology Network Meeting.
MOSTOWY, S; Odendall, C; Humphreys, D; Elks, PM; Rohn, JL;
Molecular microbiology
<i>Shigella</i> induces epigenetic reprogramming of zebrafish neutrophils.
Gomes, MC; Brokatzky, D; BIELECKA, MK; Wardle, FC; MOSTOWY, S;
Science advances
Regulation of integrin α5β1-mediated Staphylococcus aureus cellular invasion by the septin cytoskeleton.
Robertin, S; Brokatzky, D; Lobato-Márquez, D; MOSTOWY, S;
European journal of cell biology
Shigella Serotypes Associated With Carriage in Humans Establish Persistent Infection in Zebrafish.
Torraca, V; Brokatzky, D; MILES, SL; Chong, CE; De Silva, PM; Baker, S; Jenkins, C; HOLT, KE; Baker, KS; MOSTOWY, S;
The Journal of infectious diseases
Introduction to the Special Issue of Cytoskeleton on the molecular and cell biology of septins.
MOSTOWY, S; Bertin, A; Ewers, H;
Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.)
Acquisition of a large virulence plasmid (pINV) promoted temperature-dependent virulence and global dispersal of O96:H19 enteroinvasive Escherichia coli.
Miles, SL; Torraca, V; DYSON, ZA; López-Jiménez, AT; FOSTER-NYARKO, E; Lobato-Márquez, D; Jenkins, C; HOLT, KE; MOSTOWY, S;
Interplay between septins and ubiquitin-mediated xenophagy during Shigella entrapment
Lobato-Márquez, D; Conesa, JJ; López-Jiménez, AT; Divine, ME; Pruneda, JN; MOSTOWY, S;
Autophagy reports
An automated microscopy workflow to study Shigella-neutrophil interactions and antibiotic efficacy in vivo.
Lensen, A; Gomes, MC; López-Jiménez, AT; MOSTOWY, S;
Disease models & mechanisms
Septins and K63 ubiquitin chains are present in separate bacterial microdomains during autophagy of entrapped Shigella.
Lobato-Márquez, D; Conesa, JJ; López-Jiménez, AT; Divine, ME; Pruneda, JN; MOSTOWY, S;
Journal of cell science
Zebrafish null mutants of Sept6 and Sept15 are viable but more susceptible to Shigella infection.
Torraca, V; BIELECKA, MK; Gomes, MC; Brokatzky, D; Busch-Nentwich, EM; MOSTOWY, S;
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