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Knowledge into action: supporting local systems in promoting healthy communities through spatial planning

Knowledge into action

Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health - Planetary Health Perspectives

There is a collective awareness and understanding of what factors impact on people’s physical and mental wellbeing with an ever-strengthening research evidence base. Public Health England’s evidence review of extensive international and national literature summarises these factors into neighbourhood design, housing, sustainable transport, food environment and the natural environment. But how do we translate this knowledge and research into practice with very different professional competencies, and how is this translation evident in planning healthy new towns and communities?

Research into spatial planning for health paints a contrasting picture of the effectiveness of the integration between the planning, public health and healthcare sectors at national and local levels as there are challenges and opportunities as we work to embed Sustainable Development Goals into our respective professional activities.

This talk aims to inspire and illustrate what actions can and should be taken to embed health considerations in the spatial planning process. It will be relevant whether you are a researcher scoping out ideas for useful research or making recommendations, a student mapping out a career path, or a public health practitioner working in the wider determinants in local settings.  

Michael Chang, MRTPI, HonMFPH, is Public Health England (PHE) programme manager for planning and health. Public Health England is an executive agency of the UK Department of Health and Social Care with a mission to improve and protect people’s health. He is part of the Healthy Places team with aims to help reduce the overall burden of disease and health inequalities by tackling the adverse effects that people’s physical environments have on their lives.



LSHTM Centre on Climate Change & Planetary Health


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