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An introduction to the newly launched UK Public Health Rapid Support Team

Ebola shook the world and highlighted the need for the international community to develop a system of rapid support for disease outbreaks. In response the UK Government has provided funding for the establishment of the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team, which will be jointly run by Public Health England and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, with academic partners at the University of Oxford and Kings College London. Come to hear how the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team will be established and what it will be doing. Learn how you can get involved.


Dr Karl Blanchet, LSHTM, Director of the LSHTM Humanitarian Crises Centre


Dr Brian McCloskey, PHE, Interim Director RST

Professor Jimmy Whitworth, LSHTM, Interim Director RST

Professor Peter Horby, University of Oxford, Centre for Tropical Medicine & Global Health

Dr James Rubin, Kings College London, Senior Lecturer in the Psychology of Emerging Health Risks

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