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Introduction to impact evaluations with an education focus

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Impact evaluations have emerged as a crucial element in the toolkit of international development policy. These evaluations give us unique insight into the causal effects of an intervention and, when designed appropriately, can answer crucial questions about what works, for whom, how, why, and at what cost. 

This webinar will provide an introduction to the field of impact evaluation and will cover key considerations for designing rigorous impact evaluations, managing them effectively to ensure quality, and engaging with stakeholders to maximise evidence uptake and use.

The webinar will also focus on some real-world examples of how impact evaluations in education have helped improve policy decisions in Uganda and Nepal.    

Moderated by Birte Snilstveit (Director, Synthesis & Reviews and Head of 3ie London Office) and presented by Mark Engelbert, and Francis Rathinam, both evaluation specialists at the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, this introduction to impact evaluations with an education focus is held for and supported by the Queen Rania Foundation and will be introduced by Caroline Hoy (QRF's Director - Impact Evaluation and Monitoring). 



  • Mark Engelbert, Evaluation Specialist, 3ie
  • Francis Rathinam, Senior Evaluation Specialist, 3ie
  • Caroline Hoy, Director, Impact Evaluation and Monitoring at The Queen Rania Foundation


  • Birte Snilstveit, Director - Synthesis & Reviews and Head of 3ie London Office


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