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Intersecting Race & Disability

Black History Month is an annual observance for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. In 2016 we mark Black History Month with a programme of events that focus on RACE@LSHTM and ask the questions: What Do We Teach? How Do We Research? Who Do We Employ?

The lives of people with disabilities are often affected by their other social identities, whether it be their racial, ethnic or cultural background, their sexuality or their social-economic status.

Often, discussions around equality and diversity focus on one characteristic, whether it be gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, race, disability and so forth. And yet, people’s lives are shaped by multiple identities. Such intersecting characteristics influence how we experience, engage with and are represented within society. As such, understanding the complex intersections between identities, not only strengthen our nuanced understanding of diversity, but also better equip us to build more inclusive environments.

In this seminar, Dr Ossie Stuart explores the intersection between race and disability, sharing his knowledge on the specific experiences of black people with disabilities. Dr Stuart is an Equality & Diversity Consultant with several years’ experience as a trainer and specialist advisor. He worked previously as an academic in Oxford, York and Surrey universities. His research interests have included race, disability, diversity and social change. He is guided by the philosophy that “we are all entitled to fully participate in society and have control over our own destinies”. 

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