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Intercultural activism, HIV health promotion & speculative imagery

This seminar will explore the historical roots of speculative inquiry in new HIV health imagery in the US and UK. It will query the intersection of three case studies:  

  1. the role of health activism in Leo Herrera's The Fathers Project
  2. the trialling of an HIV health campaign based on Russell T. Davies's It's a Sin
  3. the US import of/response to It's a Sin  

The seminar will account for historical and contemporary messages about perceived 'healthy’ futures and describe the relationship between queer speculative art and health promotion which catered to queer communities. By attending to the crossover of third-sector health campaigns and cultural media, the seminar will illuminate the growing influence of cultural media conventions particularly speculative inquiry within public health promotion. 


Chase Ledin is a PhD researcher in the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society at the University of Edinburgh. His research explores the epistemologies of “end of AIDS” public health promotion, queer AIDS media, and the visual histories of HIV intervention strategies in the Global North. 

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Follow webinar link. Free and open to all. No registration required.


LSHTM Centre for History in Public Health