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Impact of global change on general patterns of zoonotic disease risk

Dr David Redding offers an initial insight into the impact of global change on future zoonotic disease burden.

Zoonotic diseases risk lives at the interface of ecological, anthropological and epidemiological factors. The world is changing rapidly and how these interfaces might change in the future, is a complex but important question.

Examining single diseases in detail provides part of the answer, but it is challenging to make policy decisions according to the responses of single diseases, when there may be many endemic pathogens to consider.

In this seminar, David Redding will examine the fate of 186 zoonotic diseases globally, over the course of the next 60 years, to understand how climate, land-use and demographic factors might impact overall, on net disease risk. He will discuss evidence of general decrease for many diseases, both in terms of future available endemic area, and in mean host habitat suitability. For a small set of high-burden diseases, however, David will show a large expected increase, driving an overall increase in expected number of total disease cases. 


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